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About Neutral Service Shimano

In 2001, Libéma Exploitatie BV set up several projects in cycling. The Neutral Service Team of Shimano was one of those projects that were developed by Libéma Profcycling, in addition to event organization, sponsor guidance and relationship marketing activities.


The Team consists of almost 40 drivers and mechanics from Belgium and the Netherlands.


Our mission is to support cycling events with professional, neutral, technical support. Every year we are active for more than 150 days with the Neutral Service.


The neutral vehicles (Skoda) are equipped with bicycles and Shimano wheels - parts so we can offer all drivers help. Most of the top teams use Shimano parts, but also riders who drive with other parts can help with Shimano products.


Libema Profcycling is active in many branches of cycling. We are involved in major events and projects such as the big cycling rounds, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, World Championships, European Championships, World Cup and national championships.

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